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the legend of ku ' at chapter III

Chapter III

The Discovery


It’s was Kadaj and YunYun second year, when they and their classes is appointed to clean the sewer of prontera city.

“ Class notice this, the sewer is a very dangerous place, there are a lot of unknown monster in the sewer. And the maze of the sewer is so confusing that you might get lost very easily. Remember not to lose your pair! Keep close with each other and never stay far from your flock “ warn Issaiah , Prontera Sewer Guard.

And they start working on cleaning the sewer, suddenly Kadaj feel something,

“ Where is yun yun ? “ ask Kadaj to one of his classmate,

But all of them shook their head, so kadaj start searching around for yun yun, but there is no sign of yun yun. Suddenly he saw something, that upsetting, there is an open sewer hole , he think that maybe yun yun fell to this hole ? was it possible ? but how can I look for her ? since there is no sign of yun yun on this level, probably she did fell to this hole, and needed help. So he jump inside the sewer hole.

It was a very dark and wet place, with almost no light, just a few light that god know when they were installed. Suddenly he heard it

“ Heeelllpppppp “

Oh my god, it was yun yun voice, she is in trouble . so with no hesitation kadaj races to where the voice come. And he did come to the end of this tunnel when he saw yun yun, lied down the floor. There was blood on her shoulder. She is hurt, and rush kadaj come to see if yun yun is ok, but all the sudden there is a light, glowing on the dark. A golden bright monster.the monster looks like a bug but as big as a wagon, very big and gold shinny.

“yun yun are you ok ? “ whisper Kadaj

“Kadaj, run…. “ said yunyun weakly, then she passed out.

Slowly Kadaj took yun yun body, and start walking slowly toward the hole, where he fell.

The golden bug follow Kadaj from behind, and Kadaj know it, but he wont let yun yun go for anything, in his mind is yunyun must survive, even it would cost me my life. He was only feet away from the hole, when the bug attack him, with his golden horn, the bug penetrated Kadaj left shoulder. He fell to the ground, but keep on holding yunyun, the he scream with all his energy

“ HELP ME ! “

As soon as he scream, his classmate who is already starting to look around for Kadaj and yunyun gathered on top of the hole, seeing Kadaj wounder and yunyun passed out

“Give rope to him now “ yelled one of the classmate

Once the rope is send down, kadaj tied yunyun body to the rope, he know if he had tied him and yunyun, it would be to slow for their classmate to lift them, yun yun must survive.

After he finish tied yunyun body to the rope, the golden bug strike again. Now it aim yunyun body , kadaj protected yunyun body with his back, in result his back is torn by the bug horn.

Kadaj Lying with open wound on his back and left shoulder. Lying there and watching when their classmate starting to lift yunyun up . then he stand up

“now that she is safe, it all bout you and me, you ugly bug “

He took his knife from its holster, and held it up to the bug


With the energy that left in him, he sprinted towards the bug , with a training knife on his right hand. But he was just 13, no way he gonna win against that bug. He know it that this was not a balanced fight, but better distract the bug than to let the bug trying to attack yun yun again.

He was lying on the ground, with wound everywhere. Fresh blood running from those open wound.

“gah this is where I die, no matter , I have no fun in living eather “ said Kadaj

On his mind, was yunyun faces, he think about her a lot on his mind all this time, she was the only person that is being nice to him, who always think him as a friends, as a brother….so it wasn’t a shame I die to let her alive, think Kadaj. But I don’t want to die, I want to live to see her again. Cried Kadaj. All of the sudden, his body is glowing red. He went dark.

While some of the guys from Kadaj class lifted yunyun body, the other run toward the entrance of the sewer to notice the guard of the sewer, soon they dispatches a group of prontera royal knight lead by Sir Lagalot. He was a lord knight. The highest rank of prontera royal guard. That all take about 15 minuites, they all already worried if Kadaj was already killed by the monster. But even so Sir Lagalot insisted on running down to the hole to even retrieve the body and slain the monster. Armed with his Pole Axe, he go down to the sewer hole, where he discovered kadaj, on the floor unconscious and the rest of monster, which is torn into half.

“oh my god, a golden thief bug “ gasp Sir Lagalot.

There is a lot writing about golden thief bug, a bug as big as horse and have a shinning gold skin, not only color, the skin of the bug is as hard as a gold. The bug already taken a lot of prontera sewer worker life, and couple month earlier the prontera royal knight already send a group of prontera knight to slain the monster, but those people never make it back from the sewer. Sir lagalot lost his brother Sir Idiealot. He know, that if his brother doesn’t have the chance, how can this boy which is onlyb 14 years old can kill it. With only a training knife, with no wound on his body. Kadaj body is very hot as if burned. But there is no wound anymore on his body. With steady but slow breath.

Sir Lagalot and his men take Kadaj body and take it to the pronteral royal hospital.

It took him 3 whole day to wake up, and when he wake up . he felt no pain or anything, he just felt so refreshed. Hungry indeed, but no other feeling than hungry, suddenly he remember yunyun. And think where is yunyun, how can I survive from that monster ? as he think about it.

“ You wake up “ said Sir Lagalot

“who are you ? how do I get here ? where YunYun ? is she okay ? “ scream Kadaj.

“ Patient young man, if what you mean by yunyun is the girl you bravely but with outmost foolish attempt to rescue, is okey. She is on the west wing of the hospital. Doing very much fine because of you”

“ about how you get here , I bring you here “ said Sir Lagalot

“ did you kill the monster ? “ ask Kadaj

“ No son, you did “

“how ?”

“ that is what I also what to know, you killed a monster who once kill my brother. With only a training knife.that is something I would like to know to “

“ but I don’t know, what I know is that monster almost kill me, then I black out , can I see yunyun now ? “

“patient, she is okay. But before we know what happen with you, we cannot let you go out. We need to know if you are dangerous or not to the society, you know, its not normal for a 14 yo to kill a monster like that “

The two of them stay in the silence, then slowly Sir Lagalot leave Kadaj to his own mind. Kadaj was happy that yunyun is okay, but he also wondered, what did happen back then. He was quite sure that golden bug already wounded him badly, but where is the scar? No medicine or people in Midgard can cure him like this, clean sheet , without any scar. And most important , did he really killed that golden bug ? all thought was racing in his mind, he wasn’t realize that he was not alone in the room. There are someone watching over him, in the darkness

“ Kadaj ….. “

When Kadaj turn his head, he saw yunyun on her night dress.

“ Yun, are you okey ? shouldn’t you be in bed now resting ? “

“im okey, nothing bad happen to me, thanks to you “ whisper yunyun

All the sudden run yunyun towards kadaj bed, she hugged him tightly and began to cried.

“I thought I had lost you… “ cried YunYun.

“its okey, im here. Don’t cry… I wont leave you no matter what “

And the two of them just hugged, like for hours long.until the two of them fall asleep.

During that night, Sir Lagalot gather an emergency meeting between his noble knight.

“ can anyone explain what this boy power mean ? how could a 14 years old boy kill a monster like golden thief bug ? “

All of them was left in silence, until Falavel a wizard from Geffen spoke.

“ there is a possibility, but it was not a good one… “

“speak up ! “ demanded Sir Lagalot

“ I have read somewhere on the Geffen library, that there is an ability that is cannot be learned. That people called berserk. With that ability a person can gain 100 times more power and recover instantly all his wound, no matter how critical it is. After like 3 minutes using that ability he will lost his councious and pass out for days. “

“is such thing exist “ ask Matbecenk an assassin guild leader from morroc

“ yes it is, but through history only 2 people known to master that ability, how they mastered it is still a mistery until now “ explain Falavel

“ Who is this 2 person you mentioned “ ask Sir Lagalot

“both of them is well known in history, one is loki and the other….. “ said Falavel

“ Who….. “ ask the whole room

“Farmosa Kuat “ whisper Falavel.

The whole room shaken by the name of that person. Farmosa Kuat is the leader of the Kuat clan 30 years ago, and since his is forbidden to be named in any means.

“are you sure Farmosa Kuat have this ability ? “ ask Sir Lagalot

“ I was there, during the attack, I saw with my own eyes farmosa killed almost 5000 men, his body is like burning in flame, his power is no match for anything. 5000 men was killed in just 90 second “ said Falavel

“ so this boy knew the skill that farmosa kuat have, that mean…eather this boy learn with farmosa, or he found a scroll that teach him that “ said mogul , Sir Lagalot head captain.

“ its not that simple, this skill is not well known to us. And yet we don’t know how this skill apprehended. Either by learning or descendent. We simply just don’t know . if he was a genius that just his luck to have this skill, is also possible “

“ so there is no explanation for this, we don’t even know that this boy use the skill berserk or not “ grump Sir Lagalot.

“ I will head back to Geffen tonight to look if I had missed something , once I knew anything I will let you know “ said Falavel and quickly heading out the meeting room.

“ meanwhile I will have this boy specially under my training. I want to know more about this boy” said Sir Lagalot

And so they all return to their post with a million question on their mind.

the legend of ku ' at chapter II

Chapter Two

Where it all began


Back in time, for almost 30 years back. Midgard was not as peaceful as today. War is everywhere. Everybody was in constant fear, cities fall, villager slain by only one force of three hundreds men, the kuat clan. it was king Jarrod the II who end the war. Leading 100,000 warrior to attack glastheim castle which is the hometown of the kuat clan . Killing all member of the clan, women , children , while most of the male member of the clan in the battle front.and burned the castle to its ashes.That attack make the spirit of the kuat clan warrior down, and while they greave of their family lost. King Jarrod send 500,000 soldier to wipe them off. With almost no resistance.

Then under his royal army, King Jarrod II unites all Midgard under his rule. And make the city of Prontera its capital. Little did he know that there is a survivor of the kuat clan. Fetale was her name, she was the wife of Farmosa, the leader of Kuat clan, and she was carrying a baby. The successor of the kuat clan. She was on the run, living in the forest, away from any kind of civilization. In time, she gave birth to the baby, a handsome baby boy. Which she named Kadaj . But deep inside she know, her child deserve better future than her, so in the middle of the night. She whisper to the baby.

“ I don’t know if this is the best or not, but I can helped it. I will put a fragment of my memories so you could find me again. But for now I will let other to raise you up my son “ said Fetale

And so she wrapped the baby Kadaj and hold him tight to her chest and start walking to the village of payon. The journey took her 5 days, and on the middle of the night, she slipped inside the city and put the baby infront of the house of kirin family. She knows that Kirin family don’t have any child, and will take care of her baby as their own. She knocked the door and leave the baby by the door step and a letter then silently move away, back into the forest.

As Fla Kirin opened the door that night, she saw the baby and a letter.

“ His name is Kadaj, please raise him as one of your own “

And they did, logging for a child for years, fla kirin which is already 40 years old. Didn’t want to know who the parents of this baby, what she want to know is that this baby is her’s. years passed and almost no one notice, just because the kirin family home’s is quite far away from the city. And so no one notice how fla have a child. Fla named the child Kadaj, and the rest of the village think that Kadaj is the son of Flint and Fla Kirin.

So Kadaj raised for years by the kirin family, with a lot of love from his parents he grow into a handsome boy. But disaster seems to be close to Kuat clan blood. One night, robbers broke into kirin family house, and robbed and slain flint and fla. And set fire of the house. Kadaj whos hiding in his room, was caught in fire. He should not have survived the scene , but he did. Leaving a burn mark on half of his face, he who is once a very handsome boy, is now a freak, with half of his face torn by the fire.

Otto Menow, a close friend of Flint Kirin, took Kadaj as their son. Otto has a wife named Anna and a daughter name YunYun. Kadaj who is still 5 years old when that happen, became very lone, and quiet. Barely spoke a word. But the Menow family keep showering him with love of a family and wait, they know the boy will took time to recover, and he did. By time Kadaj recover, but not truly. The burn mark on his face is a immortal proof that he just cannot forget.

Kadaj and YunYun was the same age. So they go to school also at the same class. In school, Kadaj never feel love. The kids at the school always mocked him as Frankenstein, or mud face or even zombie. During school day, only YunYun who step up to defend Kadaj, the two of them is unseperateable. When they reach the age of 13, it was time for them to go to advance study, as so written by the law, that all child when reach the age of 13 man or woman, must entered the royal boarding school of prontera, for combat training and talent discovering. And by the time they reach the age of 13 they goes there to school. Kadaj thought that it was the end of the mockery, but fate said the other way.

the legend of ku ' at

Chapter one

The anilathion of Payon


It was a very dark night, with no moon shine to lighten the night. The village of payon is still at their highest alert. All men, young or old with any kind of weapon they can hold. On alert, waiting for something, something that really frighten them, something that even the bravest of the village is afraid of. Suddenly the sound of horse break the silence, ramping horse foot, about 5 horses with their rider rushing to enter the village of payon. it seems that all of them is badly wounded, blood was all over their faces. But the fear they shown , is thicker than their blood.

“ I’m sorry my friends, but we have failed. Kuat is unstoppable “ before he can finish the sentence , he had died .

“ oh my god, we are doomed “ gasp one of the villager.

While the villager helped the wounded men on their horses, comes a small men, seen from his beard, he must have been 100 years old. He walk with his cane toward the injured men.

did you succeed on killing him ? “ ask the old man

“ I’m sorry elder, he know all the time the trap we set for him. He beat all us up “ said the men

“Listen to me oh my people, Kuat is on his way here, we must leave now. We must seek for safety in the city of prontera “ said the old men, which seems to be the village elder.

“ Go back to your homes, and bring only that won’t slow you down ! Speed is the key of our success. We gather 5 minutes from now by the fountain “

On the rush, everyone back to their homes, and start packing. Taking only what their hand could carry, leaving their memories and belongings. Suddenly a large howl freeze the crowd.

“ Old man! Did you send those idiot to trap me with their ridiculous tools !”

“ For that sin! I shall slain all your people and leave you to see, I want you to see old man! “

The villager was frightens by mere voices , no one speak a word. The death of silence,

“ Hurry run to prontera all of you ! “ scream the elder of the village

But it was too late, a man was standing in front of them. a tall men, with a broken face. Half of his face is torn, as if it was burned years ago. He was very tall, wearing an armor, that is darken by his opponent blood, and a broad sword that stained with too many blood. He stood there, and without any warning starting to slash his sword toward the villager. Body’s fell as the sword split them apart. Men, women, children and even infants have no chance against his broad sword. One by one fell to the ground. An instant death for them. as he keep walking towards the village elder, clinching his broad sword of blood. And pointing his sword to the village elder face.

“ my god kuat, what have you become “ cried the village elder.

“I’ve become, what you all think I would become “

And he swung his broad sword towards the elder head.